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Family, Maternity, Newborn & Wedding Photography

Cardiff, South Wales

Hiya, I'm Michaela

Portrait of Michaela Budd smiling

My photography sessions are all about showing love and affection in the most relaxed atmosphere for you and your family. I love to capture the big events in your lives and the little moments in between!

I always give you the opportunity to be your complete selves with no awkward posing, allowing you to just be.

Whether you're preparing to welcome a little one into your life or you want your family photographed before they grow up - I'll be there to document it.


The Experience

Everyone deserves beautiful photographs of their families!

My aim is always to reflect the individual personalities of each family member and show off how brilliant you are.

I will capture memories for you to treasure forever so you can freeze time and remember what life was like for you and your littles  throughout the years.

Family Session

Imagine your family in their favourite place being their complete, unapologetic selves. That’s exactly what I love to capture! Whether you enjoy cwtching up at home, running across a sandy beach, climbing trees in the park or jumping in muddy puddles, I want to really show you all at your best. I don’t pose you, I guide you – I can see where the light perfectly touches your face and the moments that you look most comfortable. I insist on having lots of fun, a good chat and memories you’ll treasure forever.

Maternity Session

Our bodies are incredible, aren't they? The ability to grow a teeny, tiny human (or two, or three!)  is mind blowing and that's why I love to show off the absolute beauty of a baby bump. A partner's embrace or your older child's curiosity are memories that can be frozen in time and shared together for years to come.

Newborn Session

The first few weeks are so precious when you’re all wrapped up in the newborn bubble, as time passes it all feels like a distant dream. I'd love to capture this special time and allow you to stay home where you and your baby are most comfortable.​

There’s no need to pack a bag, get in the car or even get dressed, we want you to relax and continue as normal.  We will bring along a comfy beanbag to naturally pose your baby as well as photographing current life in a documentary-style. From changing your baby in the nursery, bathing them in the sink, feeding them in the living room or just snuggling in the bedroom. The shoot will last up to 2 hours so there's plenty of time!​

Life will never look exactly this way again so make sure you have the photographs to match those fuzzy newborn bubble memories.